Prayer & Small Groups


This ministry consists of a group of committed people who are ready and willing to pray for the needs of people in and outside of CCF. A prayer meeting is held every Wednesday evening from 7-8PM, and Sunday mornings at 10AM before our Worship Service.

Prayer List

If you need prayer for something, please email and your need will be conveyed to a dedicated prayer team.

Small Groups

A small group is a fellowship consisting of 2-15 people with a common purpose. CCF has multiple small groups meeting regularly. The small group is a place where:

  • Individuals are supported and cared for...through prayer and encouragement.
  • Individuals are held accountable...we will uphold Godly standards in our lives and help each other resist unwanted behaviors and attitudes.
  • Individuals are transformed...from glory to glory He is changing us into the image of Christ.
  • Decision making and problem solving is available, using God's handbook as our road-map.
  • Risk taking is safe; it is a secure place where the Gifts of the Spirit are encouraged.
  • Individuals learn and grow in the a small, easy- to- ask- questions setting.

Contact us or check the listing in the church foyer for schedule and location of small groups.