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Date Title Author
Jul 9, 2019 Faith-based and civic-minded organizations Bless the City Donna Dougherty
Aug 24, 2016 Ebola Survivor Dr. Rick Sacra will ride 160 miles across Massachusetts, raising money to combat HIV in post-Ebola Liberia Dr. Rick Sacra / Donna Dougherty
Aug 20, 2016 Pastor Benny Hinn Speaks at CCF Ministries Donna Dougherty
Jan 22, 2016 CCA Plans Event to Celebrate National School Choice Week Jennifer Najem
Jul 8, 2015 Organizations Unite 10 Years in a Row to Impact the City Donna Dougherty
Jan 6, 2015 Local businesses, organizations, and churches collaborate to host the Merrimack Valley Ebola Intervention Fundraiser Concert Jennifer Najem
Aug 20, 2014 PrideSTAR EMS makes a generous donation to local Organization Pastor Milagro Grullon
Mar 24, 2014 Second Annual School of Transformation Unites City Donna Dougherty
Nov 21, 2013 CCF Paris Launch Rita Tinega
Nov 21, 2013 Seventh CCF Church is Fulfillment of Vision Rita Tinega
Jul 5, 2013 Global Transformational Alliance & Twin City Relationship Donna Dougherty
May 22, 2013 CCA River Run in Full Swing - Academy & Community Playground to be Renovated Allie Reveley
Mar 13, 2013 School of Transformation, 1st Annual Citywide Church of Greater Lowell Summit Donna Dougherty
Dec 7, 2012 Lowell Discovered that Churches Need One Another - Churches Come Together to form the Citywide Church of Greater Lowell Donna Dougherty
Jun 5, 2012 Is America Headed for Implosion or Revival? NY Times Best Selling Author & Speaker, Joel Rosenberg Live Simulcast Donna Dougherty
Dec 18, 2011 CCF Adopts International Faith Outreach Ministry Donna Dougherty
Jun 13, 2011 Arabic Charismatic Church Launched in Lowell, MA Donna Dougherty
Apr 27, 2011 CCA River Run and Family Fun Day Donna Dougherty
Nov 17, 2010 Community Christian Academy 20th Anniversary Donna Dougherty
Oct 1, 2010 CCF Church launch in New Hampshire Donna Dougherty
May 7, 2009 National Day of Prayer, Lowell Donna Dougherty
Aug 15, 2008 Community Center is Resurrected Donna Dougherty
Jul 14, 2008 Love Thy Neighbor Cookouts Donna Dougherty
Jul 1, 2007 Annual Outreach Event Extends a Hand to the City for Year 3 Donna Dougherty
Sep 12, 2006 Resolution of Apology by Senate to Native Americans Donna Dougherty
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